My favorite reviews are from young children.  Here is a recent one sent in by a parent.
We ordered Monster Cheese and my 4-year-old has asked to read it several times!
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Limburger Lunacy

With its gripping tale of cheese run amok, it does a great deal to hamper the image of dairy products.  However, it does so in with ingenuity and originality that takes it beyond the level of run-of-the-mill child literature.

What a great book! The story is so much fun; this just has “bedtime story” written all over it.  Kids will get a kick out of Sam’s adventures and parents will enjoy going along for the ride.  A must read!

What a great fun story filled with fun words and fantastic imagery.The illustrations were delightful. It is a true Canadian treasure.

By Jeremy Parnes on November 10, 2013

A wonderful story for my grandchildren and they loved it.  The illustrations were vivid and the writing perfect.  This is a keeper.